Below you can watch Caught on Camera clips as well as work from What Would You Do?, Entertainment Tonight, and 6-ABC Philadelphia.

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Former and Future Employers,

Welcome to my website. It’s designed to be a fun way to give you a glimpse into my diverse video production career both behind and in front of the camera. I’m primarily a Producer (80-90%), but in a pinch I have no problem flexing my talent skills. The clips tend to go from more recent stuff to oldies but goodies. If you’d like to see my CAUGHT ON CAMERA or WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Episodes in their entirety, please contact me privately so that I can provide you individual access to them. I had a good time putting this collective together; I hope you have a good time while navigating your way thru it.

Be well,

Interested in seeing more? Contact Art by phone at 215.378.7998 or by e-mail at art@artrubalcava.com.